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Diamond Cuts - the most important "C" in a diamond

A diamond’s brilliance is based on its cut. A beautiful diamond, if cut poorly can look cheap, whereas a cheaper diamond if cut nicely can look expensive without raising the price of the jewelry. Contrary to common knowledge, as diamond’s cut is not its shape but rather its shape, polish as well as symmetry and proportion of the diamond which is all related to how the diamond is cut. A poorly cut diamond will be less brilliant or luminous compared to one that is properly cut.

As man became technologically advanced, laser cutting along with computer aided designing technology has allowed us to cut diamonds in many newer and fancier cuts, while preserving its brilliance and minimizing wastage. One of the more popular cuts is the round brilliant cut whose proportions have been perfected after years of analysis.


The Round Cut Diamond

The round cut diamond constitutes approximately 75 percent of all the diamonds that are sold around the world. Due to its proportions, it is the brightest diamond of all in proper light as it maximizes brightness.


The Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond is one of the more popular fancy cuts for engagement rings. The princess cut ring looks good in most ring designs and is favored by most ladies. The princess cut is one of the fancy cut diamonds. With the cutting and then polishing of a diamonds, about 50 percent of the diamond’s weight is lost. The fancier cuts are created according to the latest fashion and they loosely follow the rules and standards of brilliant diamonds.


The Oval Cut Diamond

This is a slightly modified form of the brilliant round cut diamond, which is why the qualities and brilliance of the cuts is basically very similar. The benefit of choosing an oval shape comes from its size, which gives the illusion of a bigger stone.


The Marquise Cut Diamond

This is a football shaped diamond with a modified form of brilliant cut. This cut also gives the illusion of a longer cut due to its elongated size and larger surface area.

The marquise cut, oval cut heart, triangular trillion and the pear cuts are commonly known as the modified brilliant cuts. They are fancier forms of the brilliant round cut, making them equally lustrous.


The Pear Shaped Diamond

A pear shaped is another modified brilliant cut diamond which is also known as a tear drop diamond cut. An ideal pear shaped diamond has good symmetry, the point of the diamond lining up with the rounded end. The right and left side curves, both upper and lower, also known as shoulder and wings should be symmetrical to be known as a good pear shaped diamond.


The Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut is one of the other popular diamond cuts that is a square cut but with rounded edges like a pillow or cushion, which is where it gets its name. This diamond cut gives any engagement ring an exquisite and expensive look.


The Emerald Cut Diamond

Like the cushion cut diamond, the emerald is also a very popular cut. However a good emerald cut diamond is known by its mirror like reflecting surface instead of a brilliant shine which is common to diamonds.

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